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General Customization

April 16, 2023 5:30 AM


Before making any kind of customization, please ensure that you have gone through all the features available in the script.

If you customize the script source or make changes in the script, author may not be available for support as per support policy. Error/bugs or issues generated because of customization are out of the scope of support.

The script is built with advance concept of Laravel, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS. Therefore, to customize the script, you must have good working experience of Laravel, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, Vite.js & NodeJS. Any kind of changes you make in vue/js/css file will not take affect until you build the assets using npm commands.

You must have Composer >= 2.x, NodeJS >= 20.x & NPM >= 8.x installed on your development machine.

Below is the screenshot of our dev machine with the required tools:

Dev Environment

You can browse internet to get articles about installation of these pre-requisites dpending upon your Operating System.

Once you have installed all these pre-requisites, you can run below command to serve assets during devlopment. You might need to put SSL certificate details in vite.config.js file during development.

npm run dev

You can run below command to build assets to serve for production.

npm run prod

Request Customization

We usually charge $30/Hour for customization. If you have large list of customization, we quote a lump-sum amount.

If you want us to hire for any customization, please send us an email to

We usually respond within 24-48 working hours.

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