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April 1, 2023 5:30 AM


To use this module, you need to first define the Attendance Type.

Attendance Type

Attendance Type defines the category of each type of attendance available to employees of your company. Attendance Type is available to the user with "attendance:config" permission enabled.

You can filter the results & also perform sorting & ordering by given columns. Users can take print outs, generate PDF or export as excel sheet.

Attendance Type

To create new Attendance Type, you can click on "Add New Attendance Type" button. Each Attendance Type has a category from the pre-defined list.

  • Present
  • Holiday
  • Absent
  • Half Day
  • Production based Earning like Overtime
  • Production based Deduction like Early Leaving

You can define multiple Attendance Types for the same category.

Attendance Type

Once you create Attendance Types, you can assign it to your employes.

List Attendance

Click on the Attendance menu from the sidebar to get the list of monthly attendance. You need to choose the month of which you wish to get the Attendance Report. You can also select different fields like employee code, departments, designations etc to filter the list of employee attendance.

To get the summary of Attendance, Turn off the "Day wise Report".

Attendance List

Available Permissions

Name Action
attendance:config Config Attendance
attendance:read List Attendance
attendance:mark Mark Attendance
attendance:export Export Attendance Report

Mark Attendance

To mark attendance, click on the "Mark Attendance" button. You will need to select the date of Attendance to get the list of employees.

Select the attendance type for each employee and click on the save button to mark attendance. Please note that attendance will not be marked for the employee whose leave request is already approved for the given date.

Also if the date is marked as Holiday, you will get the attendance type as "Holiday" for all the employee.

Mark Attendance

Mark Production Attendance

If you have defined Production based Earning or Deduction Attendance Type then you will be able to mark Production based Attedance.

Click on the "Mark Production based Attendance" and select the Employee & Date for which attendance to be marked.

Mark Production based Attendance

You must have marked the attendance for the date for the employee else you won't be able to mark production based attendance.

Enter the hourly count of production based attendance which will be used to calculate Payroll for the employee.

You can update the attendance until you generated payroll for the employee.

Work Shift

Work Shifts are the durations of time in which employees are expected to work. You can create multiple work shifts for your employee and assign them to different employees for different period.

Work Shift

Available Permissions

Name Action
work-shift:read List work shifts
work-shift:create Create work shifts
work-shift:edit Edit work shifts
work-shift:delete Delete work shifts
work-shift:export Export work shift list

To add new work shift, click on the "Add New Work Shift" button.

Work Shift Form

Once created, you can click on the show button and get the details of the work shift.

To assign new work shift, click on the "Assign Work Shift" button and select the date range along with the other filter option.

Work Shift Assign


Timesheet is the record of employee's attendance for a particular day. There are four options available which you can use to store timesheet of employees.

  • Manual Timesheet - You create/edit/delete timesheet for individual employees manually.
  • Employee Self Clock In/Out - Employees can click on the Clock In & Clock Out button to mark their timesheet.
  • Import Timesheet - You can bulk import all the timesheets of the employee at once.
  • Biometric Attendance API - You can use API to integrate biometric device to mark employee's attendance.

Available Permissions

Name Action
timesheet:import Import timesheets
timesheet:sync Sync timesheets
timesheet:create Create timesheets
timesheet:edit Edit timesheets
timesheet:delete Delete timesheets
timesheet:export Export timesheet list

To store timesheet with Biometric Attendance API, you first need to add device by navigating to "Device" menu from the header.

Biometric Device

You can then send POST request to following API:


The form data should be in following structure:

    employee_code: '',
    token: ''

The script will automatically mark the date & time of attendance.


Once timesheets are stored, you can click on "Sync Timesheet" button to sync it with attendance. Timesheets marked with green check icon are successfully synched with the attendance. However, the small red error lables are indicating the reason of not able to sync with the attendance.

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