How to manage Leave?

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April 1, 2023 5:30 AM


To use this module, you need to first define the Leave Type.

Leave Type

Leave Type defines the category of each type of leave available to employees of your company. Leave Type is available to the user with "leave:config" permission enabled.

You can filter the results & also perform sorting & ordering by given columns. Users can take print outs, generate PDF or export as excel sheet.

Leave Type

To create new Leave Type, you can click on "Add New Leave Type" button.

Leave Type

Once you create Leave Types, you can assign it to your employes.

Leave Allocation

Before your employees request for a leave, you need to define the leave allocation. Leave Allocation indicates the availability of leave types for a particular period.

Below is the screenshot of demo Leave Allocation defined for some of the employees for a particular duration. You can click on the "Show" menu and get the available & used count for these leave types.

Leave Allocation

Available Permissions

Name Action
leave-allocation:read List leave allocations
leave-allocation:create Create leave allocations
leave-allocation:edit Edit leave allocations
leave-allocation:delete Delete leave allocations
leave-allocation:export Export leave allocation list

To create new Leave Allocation, you can click on "Add New Leave Allocation" button.

Leave Allocation

You get list of all Leave Types along with the input count. The Leave Allocation should not overlap with another Leave Allocation of the same employee.

Leave Request

After Leave Allocation, employees can request for leave.

Below is the screenshot of demo Leave Requests made by some of the employees for the given period. You can click on the "Show" menu and get the details of this Leave Request

Leave Request

Available Permissions

Name Action
leave-request:read List leave requests
leave-request:create Create leave requests
leave-request:edit Edit leave requests
leave-request:delete Delete leave requests
leave-request:export Export leave request list
leave-request:action Action on leave request

To request new Leave, you can click on "Add New Leave Request" button.

Leave Request

If selected Leave Type balance is available, you will be able to make request. You can also upload a document with this leave requeset form.

Once request is made, it will be either approved or rejected by the authorized employee.

Leave Request Action

You can update the leave request status until you generated payroll for the employee.

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