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April 1, 2023 5:30 AM


Employee List

You can list all your employees by clicking in the Employee menu from the sidebar. Depending upon your permission, you will get the list of employees.

There are two different views available. List view & Card view.

You can filter the results & also perform sorting & ordering by given columns. Users with export permission can take print outs, generate PDF or export as excel sheet.

Employee Card View

Employee List View

Available Permissions

Name Action
employee:read List employees
employee:config Manage employee config
employee:create Create employees
employee:edit Edit employees
employee:delete Delete employees
employee-record:manage Manage employee record
employee:export Export employee list

Users with "employee:config" permission will find a menu for configuration in the employee list. You can configure employee code number, show/hide middle name & also configure the Unique ID label. You will also be able to manage Employment Status, Employment Type, Qualification Level & Document Type.

Add an Employee

Click on the "Add new Employee" button to add new or existing employee. Enter the required information and click on the submit button.

If an employee is terminated or left & joins your company again then you can use add existing employee option.

Employee Form

Employee Detail

Below is the screenshot of the employee detail page. You can list basic, contact, employment records etc in the employee detail page. Users having the "employee:edit" permission will also get an option to edit employee.

Employee Detail

Employment Record

Users having "employee-record:manage" will be able to get list of Employment Records.

Employment Record is one of the most important part of employee detail. Employment Records can be considered as Promotion, Demotion or Transfer record of an Employee.

You can check from the below screenshot that the employee has 3 different Employment Record listed in descending order.

Anytime if there is change in Department, Designation, Branch or Employment Status then it is record with the date and generate a new Employment Record.

Employement Record

To change the Employment Record, Click on the "Add New Employment" button.

You can either end employment by entering the end date or change the Department, Designation, Branch or Employment by giving a start date.

You can also attach document with this Employment Record.

Employement Record Form

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