Creating & Managing Tasks

Tasky Features

April 1, 2023 5:30 AM


Manage Task

Tasky allows you to create & manage tasks, assign it to your employee & track its progress.


Available Permissions

Name Action
task:config Config tasks
task:read List tasks
task:create Create tasks
task:edit Edit tasks
task:delete Delete tasks
task:export Export task list

To add new task, click on the "Add New Task" button. You can create tasks with or without task priority & category. You must have defined the start date & due date of the task.

Task Form

Once created, you can click on the show button and get the details of the task.

Task Detail

You can click on the member tab to check the list of employees assigned with the task.

Task Member

You can also create checklist for each task. Task progress is calculated based on the number of checklist completed.

Task Checklist

You can make a task recurring by defining repeatation rules.

Task Repeat

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