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April 1, 2023 5:30 AM


Tasky is a Self Hosted Task Management Solution designed for Small & Medium size teams to efficiently manage task & its progress.

Live Demo

To check the Live Demo, visit

Demo resets in every 2 hours. To restrict deletion of data & changing configuration, some actions are disabled in the Live Demo.

Key Highlights

Everything You Need

Tasky covers every aspect of a task management system. You can create multiple tasks, assign it to multiple employees, create checklists & mark it complete/incomplete.

Easy to Use

Tasky can be set up in a few minutes. The super-simple & easy interface helps users to quickly understand & used-to the application.

White-label & Managed

Tasky offers 100% white-labeled solution. You can put your own company brand & assets everywhere. Tasky also offers support, one click update & on-demand customization

Accessible for Every Role

Tasky supports multiple roles whether an admin or manager or staff or anything you want. Each role has a different set of permissions that can be assigned to multiple users.

Reliable & Secure

Companies are using Tasky real-time to manage their employee resource. It is built with Latest Technology, always up-to-date that makes it super secure.


Tasky offers tons of functionality at a very affordable cost. You get a Lifetime License with a one-time purchase. Request for custom features as low as $30/hour.

Tasky is built on MintUI designed by ScriptMint.

Technology Used

  • Laravel 9.x
  • MySQL 8.x
  • Vue.js 3.x
  • Tailwind CSS 3.x
  • Vite.js 2.x

Feedback & Suggestions

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